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For Your Protection and Defense

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting center where safety is our main focus. We offer 20 firing lanes divided into 3 individual bays. The first 10 lanes @ 25yds, second 5 lanes @ 25 yards and 5 lanes @ 100 yards. There is a classroom to hold 40 people for a multitude of classes from gun safety to carry conceal and more.

A combative studio is also available for tactics and self-defense for all areas and ages. In addition to firearms training we have two simulation rooms for practice shooting skills and drills for safe learning situations, whether you are a new and or experienced gun owner.

We have over 4,000 sq ft of retail space for all your firearms, ammunition and accessories needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission at ZerO-In Indoor Shooting Center is to provide a SAFE environment for all levels of shooter. A family oriented shooting center for beginners, sportsman, Military and Law Enforcement dedicated to promoting firearm safety, enhancing marksmanship skills, proficiency and educating the general public about firearms. We provide professional instruction, knowledge, understanding and educational opportunities.

Development for ZerO-In was achieved by Larry N. Keith/Architect out of Williamsburg, Ohio whom is known in the shooting range industry for designing safety driven firearms ranges throughout the United States. “SAFETY FIRST” is the key motivator in placing our emphasis to produce a modern day facility, for promoting and training correct fundamentals to new and advanced shooters. Our name “ZerO-In Indoor Shooting Center” has emphasis on the word Center vs. Range. Today’s vocabulary shows when people hear the word “Range” its strictly a place to shoot and nothing more, “Center opens the venue to a more complete and well balanced facility that enhances more than just to shoot.

Ammunition Guidelines

No Armor Piercing, No Incendiary, No Tracers, No “green-Tip”, No multiple Projectile (Buck shot, bird shot, etc.), No Black Powder.