New Year Update

Happy New Year from Zero In Indoor Shooting Center. As we approach year 2 in February, the owners, management, and staff would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere “Thank You” and also take this time to reflect.

While that past 2 years have been a learning curve for some things, others have proven to have been right on mark! We make sure we do everything possible to comply with all ATF & OSHA regulations! We have seen some employees move on to other careers and yet some have chosen Zero In as a career. We have tried products in the store that flopped, and others that we just can’t keep in stock. There have been ideas that have not been very productive, yet others that have propelled us further ahead than we ever imagined.

To our faithful customers and members, we again say “THANK YOU!” Business is better than ever! We had goals set for the one-year and two-year mark, and we FLEW past them before the goal dates! Even though there have been rumors and people that tried to set us back, we have prevailed immensely!

Zero In would like to address some of the “rumors” that have been spread…

1. You have to use Zero In’s ammunition or only lead ammo. That’s simply not true! We allow you to bring your own ammo, even reloads! PLUS we have a lab radar and Magneto available for you to do load development. As long as your ammo is not tracers, incendiary, armor piercing (including green tip). Slugs only for shotgun, and no black powder. All other ammo is welcome!

2. Only “small caliber” firearms are allowed at Zero In. Only if you consider a 50-BMG a small caliber… Seriously… What good is Five 100-yard lanes for hunting rifles if we only allowed “small calibers?”

3. Zero In is being sold (or shutting down). This is a BOLD FACE LIE! The owner has never been happier with Zero In and has NO INTENT to sell Zero In. Why in the world would someone sell a business as successful as this?! Anyone that is spreading this rumor is a LIAR!

4. Children are not allowed at Zero In. Again… WRONG! We encourage children to learn proper firearms safety and handling. We do however require that an adult be supervising each child at ALL TIMES. Even in the store!

5. You have to be a member to shoot at Zero In. NOPE! You can pay hourly if you like, or purchase a 10-visit punch card for only $150 and the 11th visit is FREE!

There are probably other rumors floating around that were not addressed here, but our suggestion to you is COME TO THE SOURCE! Call, email, check our website, come by, JUST ASK!

We would also like to extend a heart-felt “Thank You” to all the Government agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies that have chosen Zero In to do their training. In fact, The U. S. Department of Homeland Security has recognized Zero In Indoor Shooting Center as an active/approved training venue for DHS/ICE. Zero In has been recorded in the “Active Firearms & Tactical Programs Database.” Only approximately 40 privately owned venues have this rating in the WORLD! Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, Bozeman Police Department, Belgrade Police Department, Montana Highway Patrol, Broadwater County Sheriff’s Department, Under Sheriff of Madison County, MSU ROTC, MSU Police Department, Military from overseas (Australia, Germany, Israel, Belgium, France, and more!), Missouri River Drug Task Force, Probation & Parole, Montana ATF SRT Team, Forest Service, Fish Wildlife & Parks, Yellowstone National Park Officers, Private Security Firms, ICE, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, the Presidential Counter Sniper Teams, and more. With world-wide recognition like this, it’s hard to hit the next level, yet here it comes!

Zero In is also the official ammunition supplier of Federal Ammunition for Law Enforcement in the State of Montana. If your LE agency is in need of ammo, or a quote, please contact Kelly (406)924-8072 or email

We would like to also “Thank” all the businesses that sponsor lanes at Zero In! Wild Sheep Foundation, Citizens for Balanced Use, Mountain Tactical, Schnee’s, Steve Daines for Montana, Bridger Technology Group, Ressler Motors, Ruhl-Tech, Schnee’s, Cowgirl Creativity, Chase Tactical, Get Wired, & Montana Tactical. Advertising dollars well spent! 7 lanes are still available for sponsorship! If your business would like to sponsor a lane, please contact Lee for details (406)924-8072 or email

New to Zero In as of November 2019 with are an affiliate for “A GIRL AND A GUN,” the only affiliate in a 4 state area! Ladies this is YOUR opportunity to enjoy a National Organization for LADIES ONLY and enjoy the company of other lady shooters. Everyone from beginner to advanced! Please contact us for more information (406)924-8072 or email about all the awesome events coming up!

League Shooting is in full swing on Thursday nights at Zero In. Check in is at 5:30pm. You can pay for the entire series, or one session at a time. Great courses each week to test your skills and have a LOT of fun. NEW SERIES STARTING SOON! For more information call Sam (406) 924-8072 or email

June 13th 2020 is Zero In’s 3rd annual SUMMER FEST! Representatives from Firearms companies, ammunition manufacturers, Accessories, and MORE are on hand! Try firearms for FREE! Great organizations like the MT Army National Guard, U. S. Army, U. S. Marine Corp, NRA, Wild Sheep Foundation, Pheasants Forever, Gallatin Valley Sharp Shooters, Big Sky Bravery, Special Guests, and more are here with TONS of prizes and fun! The first 2 have been a great success! Don’t miss this one!

Phase two! The 10-bay will be getting a double door for Law Enforcement to allow for a vehicle to be pulled in. This will allow LE to practice shooting from vehicle. Plans are already in an Architects hands and we will be breaking ground on a shoot-house for frangible ammo, not only for Law Enforcement use, but also for NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home course! A house with modular walls, furniture, and concealed areas. This will be perfect for the advanced class for those that already have their Conceal Carry permit. Also, Five Instructors at Zero in are certified by Utah DPS to teach the Utah Non-Resident Conceal Carry Course.

The Instructors at Zero In have been busy continuing their education. Five of our Instructors are now NRA certified. Four of our Instructors are Team One Network certified. Five of our Instructors are authorized to teach Montana Conceal Carry, and Five of our Instructors are authorized to teach Utah Non-Resident Conceal Carry Course. While NRA is a “recognized Standard” in the industry, Team One Network is MUCH MORE INTENSIVE! Team One Network is based off of IALEFI. The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc. (IALEFI) is a membership organization organized in 1981 by a group of concerned firearms instructors. This group of dedicated law enforcement professionals recognized the need to update and modernize the instruction and teaching techniques used to train law enforcement officers in firearms and use of force. IALEFI is a non-profit, member association comprised of law enforcement, military, and security firearms instructors. This group of experienced and dynamic professionals work hard each day to pass the knowledge and skills they have acquired on to those officers who protect the public each day. IALEFI offers its thousands of members training in the initial Firearms Instructor Course, regional training programs and conferences, and through the Annual Training Conference. More advanced LE training is coming with Team One Network. Classes like Breaching, advanced tactics, and MORE!

Zero In represented Montana at the week-long “Milipol” (Military Police) Conference in Paris France November of 2019! What an honor to be chosen to represent Montana this year! The next trip for Zero In? We’ve been invited to… AFRICA!

Hunters, we heard your cry! Two-Hour wait times to use the 100-yard lanes for sighting is CRAZY! Members can make reservations, but non-Members, WE HEAR YOU! Zero in is in the works of creating more 100-yard lanes for Rifles. Hunting Season has PROVEN this is a need in our community!

Shot Show 2020 is in January! We will be looking for new and innovative products to bring in to Zero In in the coming year. AND… This year Shot Show 2020 will be interactive with YOU! We will be doing SHOTSHOW BINGO! Watch our Social Media sights and Newsletter for details coming in December/January. Lee will be walking around Shot Show gathering cool swag to give away to YOU! Our valued Customers! All you have to do is play along. Maybe Lee will get another tattoo?! You get to choose it if he does. Again, watch for details!

If you haven’t signed up for our monthly newsletter, the Zero in BULLETin, do so today! Go to our website homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page, sign up there.

As you can see, things only continue to get better and better at Zero In! Watch for all the amazing forward progress over the NEXT YEAR! Stop in today for a tour!

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