Zero In would like to take this time to address a couple of concerns in regard to the Covid-19 virus.

1. Trying to keep our employees healthy is a huge priority. We are running a skeleton crew and appreciate your understanding during this time. If it is busy and it takes staff a little bit of time to get to you, we are sorry. But please be understanding. If you are buying a firearm, we are at the mercy of the NICS system. Over the last week, the NICS system has been VERY slow, many are coming back delayed, and the system has crashed. Your excessive time waiting is due to circumstances beyond our control. All firearm purchases must be pre-payed if delayed.

2. Ammunition is SCARCE! We do have some ammo, but it is ONLY for customers/members shooting on our range. If we sold all our ammo to go out the door for your “stock pile” and there was none available for use on our range, we would be CLOSED 7 days a week. So please understand that if you wish to come shooting here and need ammunition, we can accommodate up to 2 boxes per customer or member (Member discount still applies). We are at the mercy of our suppliers and NO… We have no idea when more will be available. Shipping has been slow & none have any available. We are only going to stock “Range” ammo from now on, not “defensive”. If you wish to special order “Defensive” ammo we can accommodate. ALL special orders must be pre-payed.

3. We have brass available for purchase. You can fill out a special order form, and when it is available we will call you. If you have purchased brass in the past, notice the price has changed. It is $10 a pound.

4. We are ONLY going to be open at this time Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. This is TEMPORARY during the Covid-19 social distancing period. We will let you know when that changes back to normal hours. This will be effective starting 3/24/2020.

5. If you are feeling SICK at all… DO NOT ENTER OUR FACILITY! Also, if you have traveled abroad within the last 4 weeks, please do not come in. We are not being mean; we are trying to stay healthy. If you do not seem healthy, you will be asked to leave.

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