Zero In Monthly BULLETin: Newsletter 02/2020


Introducing Mike Bachich – Our new Lead Instructor and Law Enforcement Liaison.

Mike started re-vamping all our classes and has added a bunch of NEW training opportunities! Check them out on our website

Mike is a MT/CA POST Certified LE Firearms Instructor & ALERT Active Shooter Response Level 1 Instructor, 15+ years Tactics & Firearms Instruction. Mike is also an Army Veteran 2nd Ranger Battalion, & Overseas Security Contractor.

Stop in and say “Hi” to Mike today!

Lane Sponsorships Available

Would you like to get your business in front of the shooting community?

Spend your advertising dollars in the best way possible, LANE SPONSORSHIP! $1,300 for the year!

Lane Sponsorship puts your logo as an 11”x 14” vinyl in the shooting bay, your logo on our website that links directly to your site, and 1 single membership for the business owner.

Check out the advertisers already there

Need another great advertising idea? Custom targets! $1,250 for 2,500 targets! Custom designed by YOU! 4 color 23” x 35” targets hanging in Zero In for customers to use!

Call Lee today (406) 924-8072 or email for details.


Zero in is a Facilitator for “A GIRL AND A GUN” now! Check out their website

Join today and get GREAT discounts and join other members NATIONWIDE!

Check out the new “Mama Bear” CCW Class, Breakfast & Bullets, Ladies ONLY Combatives Training, and other fantastic things happening at Zero In for the Ladies Only!

For more information contact Ashley at today!

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center

Summer Fest

Summer Fest is coming up on June 13th 2020! If you are a business owner and would like to have a booth, please contact us!

We are CLOSED to the public on February 25th. Please make note of it.

NEED A “SPECIAL ORDER”? Contact Jeff at or call (406) 924-8072 Also check out our “GALLERY OF GUNS” & “SILENCER SHOP” on our website!

We Have Consignments!

Do you have a firearm that you just don’t use anymore? Are you looking for a great deal on a used firearm?

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center has consignments! Check out the photos of the consignments we have now on our Facebook page!

Bring in your consignment today and put a little extra cash in your pocket! Stop in today for details!

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