Zero In Monthly BULLETin: Newsletter 11/2019


A tremendous amount of insight can be obtained about a shooter’s skill level by looking at how bullets hit a paper target. The shooter’s consistency and skill are revealed by the tightness or looseness of the shot groupings, the measurement of the proximity of bullet holes to each other on a target. After firing 3 to 5 shots at a target, the holes should all be in relatively the same place on the paper. A tight grouping indicates consistency of grip pressure, sight alignment, and trigger control. Even if the hits are not in the bullseye, the close proximity to each other indicates that the shooter’s grip, stance, and sight alignment are consistent from shot to shot. If the holes are far apart from each other, this indicates variations of grip pressures. The shooter may be constantly adjusting his or her hands or stance, or the sight picture may be inconsistent. If the holes are not clean circles, for example, they have large tears, then the shooter may have a relaxed grip that is not applying consistent 360-degree pressure to properly manage the pistol’s recoil. The first goal of a shooter is consistency. Don’t stress about trying to get bullseyes every time. Instead focus on getting tight groupings. Then an instructor or Range Safety Officer at Zero In can diagnose the key factors that will improve your accuracy and help you inch that grouping towards the bullseye.

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Ladies MAGazine Club in October was an eye-opening experience about Firearms and the Law! Thanks to Judge Adams for the incredible insight.

November’s Ladies MAGazine Club is a trip back to the Basics, along with some cleaning and maintenance. Bring your firearm, ammo, eye/ear protection, and a willingness to have FUN to our next Ladies MAGazine Club November 5th.

Also, introducing “A GIRL AND A GUN.” Check out the website

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center

Fall Move & Shoot League

The fall league started OCT 3rd, but it’s not too late to get in on the fun! Check in at 5:30 pm. Pay per day cost $ 15 & prizes will be given away in a raffle that will happen at the end of the 8 weeks. For a list of equipment needed, contact Sam or (406) 924-8072.

Each week of our Fall League will feature a shooting course that will test your shooting skills! Each course will be designed to facilitate any level of shooter will be proctored by our knowledgeable staff. We foster an inviting and comfortable environment where new shooters can learn and evolve and seasoned shooters can hone their skills. See you @ 5:30 for our range brief and intro.

We Have Consignments!

Do you have a firearm that you just don’t use anymore? Are you looking for a great deal on a used firearm?

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center has consignments! Check out the photos of the consignments we have now on our Facebook page!

Bring in your consignment today and put a little extra cash in your pocket! Stop in today for details!

NEED A “SPECIAL ORDER”? Contact Jeff at or call (406)924-8072

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