Zero In Monthly BULLETin: Newsletter 12/2019


Training: Firearm training is the act of learning. It’s the quest for knowledge and ability that comes from firing drills that are designed to build technique. These developing techniques allow you to refine the skills that you have or develop new ones. Firearm training is done with live ammo in a range setting.

Practicing: Practice with your handgun on the range, with live ammo, YEAR ROUND! You are practicing the techniques in a controlled setting, not looking to develop new skills, but only to embroil the existing ones into your unconscious mind so that performing the skill will come naturally and as part of your muscle memory when picking up the gun. This is not a fast or easy set of skills (no matter what) to master and will take time—lots of it.

Shooting: Let’s just call “shooting”; “having fun at the range”. You’re not settling back on old bad habits but at the same time you’re not punishing yourself if you’re making little mistakes here and there. Fun helps build accuracy through play. You want to be a little more serious than plinking with the kids, but still keep it enjoyable and lift some of the frustrations that can come with this kind of skill building. There’s no reason or excuse for being an awful shot with your handgun so long as you are looking to put in the work, the time and the patience necessary to improve. Get real firearm training and not just a bunch of videos online or tv shows. Keep yourself and others safer by shooting accurately and hit $h&% with your handgun.

Lane Sponsorships Available

Thank you to our newest lane sponsor! Lane 4 is now sponsored by Schnee’s! Would you like to get your business in front of the shooting community?

Spend your advertising dollars in the best way possible. $1,300 for the year!

Lane Sponsorship puts your logo as an 11”x 14” vinyl in the shooting bay, your logo on our website that links directly to your site, and 1 single membership for the business owner.

Check out the advertisers already there

Call Lee today (406) 924-8072 or email for details.


Ladies MAGazine is changing to A GIRL’S NIGHT OUT! Zero in is now a Facilitator for “A GIRL AND A GUN” now! Check out their website

Join today and get GREAT discounts and join other members NATIONWIDE!

For more information contact Ashley at today! Don’t miss out on any of the AWESOME events coming up!

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center

Black Friday was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone that came in on BLACK FRIDAY & SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!

We had some great specials, and will have MORE before the end of the year!

We close early on December 24th and December 31st at 4pm.

NEED A “SPECIAL ORDER”? Contact Jeff at or call (406) 924-8072 Also check out our “GALLERY OF GUNS” on our website!

We Have Consignments!

Do you have a firearm that you just don’t use anymore? Are you looking for a great deal on a used firearm?

Zero In Indoor Shooting Center has consignments! Check out the photos of the consignments we have now on our Facebook page!

Bring in your consignment today and put a little extra cash in your pocket! Stop in today for details!

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